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Company Profile

LSH Quick Facts

Established 1958
Quality System ISO 9001:2008 Certified by SGS
Authorized Capital S$ 20,000,000
Paid-up Capital S$ 20,000,000
Business Core Chemicals, Tyres, Rubber Products
Central Stock Point Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam
Branch Office Klang, Malaysia Jakarta, Indonesia
No. Of Employees 70

Appointed Exclusive Distributors

Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals
Distribution rights for high pure Potassium and Sodium Hydroxide Pellets Our products meet most quality standards in the world, such as EP, USP/NF, JP, BP, ACS, E524, E525 and FCC

Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids
Distribution rights for whole range of Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluid Assist in helping you select the appropriate heat transfer fluid for your temperature control application, or select the cleaner and procedure to properly clean a fouled system.


Sales Turnover

Chemical Division
Annual Sales Turnover around USD 50million

LSH Group
Annual Sales Turnover around USD 120million

Future Expansion

Branch office in Laos, Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand
Manufacturing plant in Indonesia and China



Halal Certified
Product Scheme
Halal Certified
Storage Facility Scheme

Services & Solutions

LSH Chemicals provides valued added services and solutions to our clients in the region.

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Our Products

LSH Chemicals is uniquely positioned to supply and support all our customers in their chemical material needs.

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Reach Us

Call +65 6794 3909 for more information on LSH Chemical or email chemicals@lshgroup.com

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